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Hail Mary

11 x 30 min Documentary Series

Hail Mary  follows the struggles and sacrifices of six young football prospects as they battle to keep their pro football dreams alive by competing for a spot with the Edmonton Eskimos. It’s a heartwarming—and sometimes heartbreaking—portrait of determined young men trying to beat the steepest odds of their lives.

The Eskimos have a proud history. They dominated the Canadian Football League in the 1980s and have the second most Grey Cup victories in the league’s history. In the past few years, though, their loyal and passionate fans haven’t had much reason to cheer.

This offseason, the Eskimos set out to restructure and rebuild their roster. General Manager Eric Tillman, Assistant GM Paul Jones, and Coach Kavis Reed have their work cut out for them. After last season, the Esks traded away their star quarterback and watched helplessly as their all-star Canadian running back bolted for the NFL.

Now, with the new season looming, no player’s job is safe. Every tryout, practice and exhibition game is a job interview—for rookies and veterans alike—as Tillman and Jones try to piece together a roster that will return the team to glory.

We also get to know the personal stories behind the six hopefuls. Each has his own compelling story—a winding life journey that has brought them to this extraordinary common moment in time. To a casual reader of the sports pages, they are little more than names. Close up, however, they are passionate, talented young men with absolutely everything on the line.

Whether or not you’re an Eskimos fan—or even a football fan— Hail Mary  will forever change the way you see the game.





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