Episodes: 91 x 30 min

Genre: Documentary Series

Broadcasters: Canada

Select International Broadcasters:

  • Discovery
  • Foxtel


  • 2014   Leo Awards: Best Screenwriting in Lifestyle/Information Series
  • 2015   Leo Awards: Best Directing in Lifestyle/Information Series

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Featured Crew

Carl Alcock



Carl Alcock is our DOP. He has worked on all four seasons of The Liquidator as well as X-Weighted.


The role of the DOP is to film the television series and also to work with the producers to determine the look and feel of the show.

Show Synopsis

Jeff Schwarz has bought and sold his way up the food chain to become the owner of Direct Liquidation — one of the biggest liquidation houses west of the Rockies. Flea market haggler, storage locker trader and pawnshop owner, he’s traded up to become the “Liquidation King”.

He now has 30,000 square feet of warehouse space chock full of ever-changing oddities, household goods and urban artifacts that are going to make him rich.

His mission: buy low, sell high and get the stuff moving.

Armed with two cell phones, a wallet full of cash and his razor sharp negotiating skills, Jeff is on the job seven days a week sniffing out deals.

He never knows where the next tip is going to come from, where it’s going to take him and what he might find when he gets there. He could get a late night phone call, be summoned to visit “distressed businesses” for an offload or be waiting at the loading dock for a semi-trailer with a mysterious payload. The truth is Jeff will buy almost anything from anyone…if the price is right.

But buying goods is only half the game – selling them is the real challenge. In order to make room for his latest finds (and to free up cash to secure the next big deal), Jeff has to make sure that merchandise moves – and the sooner, the better. He either relies on his own employees to perform sales miracles or enlists one of his many “go-to guys”, offering them a piece of the action if they can find the right buyer. Regardless, the goal is always the same – to make money. And lots of it.

For Jeff, every day is a gamble. Sometimes he wins big. Sometimes he gets swindled. Sometimes the negotiation goes sour. There’s no security in his world except to chase the next deal.

THE LIQUIDATOR offers a ringside seat to Jeff’s fast paced, high stakes, buy-and-sell world. From getting the tip and checking out the goods to making the deal and finding a buyer, we see it all…and it isn’t always pretty.

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