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Hanging Iron

1 episode x 30 mins.
Genre: Documentary
Year: 2016

They do backbreaking work at incredible heights. They build our bridges, stadiums and skyscrapers. They live hard, play hard, and work hard in the world’s most dangerous trade. They are Ironworkers – a band of brothers who live and work on the edge.

HANGING IRON follows the rare breed of blue-collar workers who build extraordinary structures at unbelievable heights, in some of the most demanding construction sites on the planet. They’re tough men with nerves of steel, facing danger every day on the job. They battle high winds and heavy loads at extreme heights. Most have broken bones, lost fingers or ruptured an organ. This is a job that sometimes demands brute force and sometimes mathematical precision. Millimeters matter. The documentary, HANGING IRON follows the positioning of the main arches of the new Walterdale Bridge in Edmonton, Canada. Hanging Iron celebrates a band of brothers with iron wills and nerves of steel who are brave enough – some say crazy enough – to live and work on the edge.

HANGING IRON was produced in association with Ironworkers International and the Ironworker Management Progressive Action Cooperative Trust. 

Broadcasters: Canada
Corus Edmonton

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