MIND SET GO Editor DWAIN HICKS nominated for 2019 Rosie Award

March 21, 2019 - Anaid Productions is proud to announce that Dwain Hicks, editor on Mind Set Go season 1, has been nominated for a Rosie Award at AMPIA’s 45th annual Alberta Film and Television Awards in Edmonton, Alberta.

Mind Set Go, an original AMI-tv documentary series with the participation of the Canadian Paralympic Committee, follows the high stakes journey of courageous individuals seeking physical, mental and emotional health with the help of celebrated Paralympians and athletes.

AMI-tv is the world's first television network to broadcast all programs with open format described video for individuals who are blind or partially sighted and is broadcast daily into more than eight million Canadian homes as part of the basic digital cable package with most service providers. AMI-tv is committed to broadcasting a variety of content with a focus on accessibility and inclusion. To learn more visit AMI.ca and AMItele.ca.

Mind Set Go is developed and produced by Anaïd Productions in association with Accessible Media Inc., with the participation of the Canada Media Fund, Rogers Telefund, and the Province of British Columbia Film Incentive BC, and with the assistance of the Government of Alberta, Alberta Media Fund and the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit.uctions is proud to announce that Dwain Hicks, editor of our very first episode of Mind Set Go, the Gio episode, is nominated for an AMPIA Rosie award!